Choose Your Battles

Recently I have been getting up every morning to go swimming at our local pool. At first it was just a tactic to get me out of bed on time but it quickly became something I want to do. After the first few days I noticed the same group of people played volleyball every Tuesday … Continue reading Choose Your Battles

Who am I?

Who am I? This is a question that I ask myself a lot. For many years I wasn’t able to answer this question. Some days it’s too hard to answer. God created me to be who I am and I sometimes find myself arguing with the Creator about why he made me or that he … Continue reading Who am I?

Transformed by Love

I want to share a lesson that God has been teaching me and I carry with me everyday. In the summer of 2018 I went to Jamaica on a mission trip. It was my first mission trip and I was very nervous. I just wanted to do the work God had laid out for me. … Continue reading Transformed by Love

Forgiveness is Powerful

Forgiveness… Something that, for me, seems to be very tricky. But in the past week God has been trying to get me to learn how to forgive not only others but myself as well. Forgiving others comes fairly naturally for me. Forgiving myself not so much. I have a bad habit of holding onto things … Continue reading Forgiveness is Powerful

The Vortex of Technology

Phones, what the world calls communication devices, what I call consumption devices. They are great things to have if you need quick contact with someone. But they have become very hindering as well. I have noticed that phones consume everything and everyone in their path. Similar to tornadoes. They suck everything into their endless cloud … Continue reading The Vortex of Technology

Choose the Rainbow

Sometimes we just have to do things we don’t want to do. That’s just a fact. It could be doing laundry, or homework for school, or ending a friendship. None of these things are ever fun. (at least I don’t think so.) There are many things that we probably don’t want to do. I have … Continue reading Choose the Rainbow

I Killed It.

Have you ever picked a dandelion and within a few days it dies? Well I was on a walk yesterday and I picked a flower from the side of the road. The person I was walking at me looked at me and said “You killed it!” However the flower isn’t the only thing I killed … Continue reading I Killed It.


As spring arrives so does transformation. Spring brings beauty and everyone loves beautiful things. But beauty isn’t always about what it looks like on the outside. Yes I know that is a cliche thing to say but it’s true. The beauty is often found in the transition from “ugly” to beautiful. Take winter and spring … Continue reading Transformation

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