The Vortex of Technology

Phones, what the world calls communication devices, what I call consumption devices. They are great things to have if you need quick contact with someone. But they have become very hindering as well. I have noticed that phones consume everything and everyone in their path. Similar to tornadoes. They suck everything into their endless cloud of nothing. The same is with technology. If we aren’t watching the time we are on them, we often times become consumed.

Social media… one way that we lose track of who we really are. Sometimes we see others lives and we look at ours and think that their are better. They aren’t. My life is can not be compared to yours and yours can not be compared to your neighbors life. Everyone’s life is different and the more time we spend scrolling through social media and others lives the less we think of ourselves.

Not everything about phones is bad. I have found that in this uncertain time, I have been calling and texting my friends more than I did before. It’s the only way we can. But if I sit on my phone talking for hours it takes away the connection. It loses its meaning.

Screens seem to be a common go-to when people are bored. I have found that at work if I get bored I send a text to mom instead of just talking to my coworkers. I also watched a friend of mine pull out their phone while my grandma and I had a conversation about crocheting. Instead of talking with my grandma, my friend let themself be consumed by their phone.

So my reminder to you today, is that you just take a few minutes away from your phones or computers this week. Step outside. Walk the dog (or the cat because I guess that’s a thing), get in the garden, grab a book and just sit on a swing or blanket. Take your family with you. Eat a meal outside. Play a game. The list is endless. You may be surprised by what the outcome may be.

With love,

6 thoughts on “The Vortex of Technology

  1. “Phones, what the world calls communication devices, what I call consumption devices.” That is a very good observation! You outlined the pros and cons very well. I agree it is important to be mindful when using a device interferes with actual participation in life. ( I did not know walking the cat was thing😉.)


  2. Attention spans shrink in the presence of technology. The mindless scrolling or playing does consume us. I get to a point in the day when I am done and it is put away until morning.


  3. 1) I loved the title. It drew me right in.
    2) I completely identify with the downside of social media.
    3) Good sound advice at the end. I even walked in the rain today to get away from the tech!


  4. Yes, I find myself with too much screen time. It is a time zapper! Now that school is “out” for me, I hope to spend less time on my computer and enjoying other things.


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