I Killed It.

Have you ever picked a dandelion and within a few days it dies? Well I was on a walk yesterday and I picked a flower from the side of the road. The person I was walking at me looked at me and said “You killed it!” However the flower isn’t the only thing I killed that day.

I killed something else yesterday. I killed my double life. I have found myself falling back into old habits and living one way while saying that I was living another. When I do this I lie and manipulate to get my way. It’s a terrible way to live. So I made a choice. I am going to stop hiding things and being afraid of what others will think, and live the one life I am given because God doesn’t make mistakes and if I am here, I am here because God has a great plan for my life. How am I supposed to fulfill God’s plan, if I am doing exactly what God tells us not to do.

So I decided to kill it.

I killed that double life and now I can live my life the way God wants me to, instead of letting fear dictate my life. The thing about a dandelion is that when you pull, it unless you get all the roots with it, it won’t die. It will just re-sprout back in place.

I encourage anyone who is holding onto something negative, kill it. Pull the roots up. Let go of it. Live the life God wants you to live.

Remember, every little thing is gonna be okaye.

21 thoughts on “I Killed It.

  1. There is such strength and conviction in your words. I love your openness in your faith and to God’s plan – sometimes I have a difficult time with this part!


  2. Wow…was just listening to Beth moore this morning and she was talking about hypocrisy and I read in a book from Lysa Terkeurst about God loving every part of us…thank you for this beautiful reminder.


  3. O. Kaye, you are so brave to write this. It takes courage to admit when your life veers off course…and even more courage to write about it…and a supreme amount of courage to post it. Thank you for trusting us with your story. It’s beautiful.


  4. Wow, the word raw comes to mind, and the dandelion metaphor is perfect. If there is one thing I appreciate it’s honesty, and there is true honesty here. Keep sharing your journey. I’d like to walk beside you.


  5. I agree with Anne. The dandelion metaphor is spot on. And you are brave to be so honest with yourself and with us. Courage as you move forward!


  6. Being honest enough with yourself to recognize the gap between who you were being and who you want to be is not easy. Recognizing the gap takes courage, closing that gap is nothing short of amazing. Writing about it results in such a beautiful vulnerability. It feels like a gift to read your words when you open your heart so wide!


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